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5 easy steps:

  1. Contact us today.  Call (843) 446-4429. Or, email us at
  2. Fill out & return the QPA Contract.
  3. Register with the QPA Website.
  4. Set up your QPA Profile.
  5. Access your QPA Account online.

As your individually contracted purchasing agent, we will attend a number of auctions throughout the year in various states.  You will receive a flyer in the mail about 30 days prior to the auction informing you of the sale with information in regard to the interest rate and maturity for that particular state and county.


QPA only attends auctions in states and counties where the tax lien takes precedence.  No other liens or encumbances will be attached to the investor's lien purchase.

As a tax lien investor with QPA, we treat your potential investments with due diligence. Prior to an auction, QPA evaluates and does extensive research on each property going up for auction.  This research includes examining property cards, reviewing the sale history of the property, locating the property on a GIS mapping system, looking at compositions of the neighborhood and communicating with our real estate agents.