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Our goal is to share with you one of the safest, most lucrative investing methods you can make in this day and time - real estate investing through tax lien certificates. Take a moment to learn about Quest Property Associates and you'll discover why real estate acquisition through tax liens  is one of the best wealth-builders in the world. Start with Tax Lien Investing, then check out how easy it is to become an investor with QPA today.

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Many have invested in the stock market and have been at the mercy of companies that have “shady” accounting practices; however, when you invest in property tax liens one of two things will occur:

  1. You get your principal investment back plus the interest (8%-25%) &/or penalties.
  2. Or, you can receive the tax deed to the property for pennies on the dollar.

Time is of the essence to get your money working for you. Auctions are on the horizon and we want to represent you as your personal purchasing agent at the next one! Become an investor today - Join QPA