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Tax Lien investments are a must for anyone, especially those looking for a safe investment with the potential for fantastic growth.  As the saying goes 'time is money' don't let anymore time or money slip through your hands.  Become an investor today - Join QPA.





Roger and Jackie Owens of Jefferson City, MO have owned and operated a Health and Wellness Clinic for the past 20 years.  Jackie, now a stay at home mother to their four children, was an elementary school teacher.  Roger has been in private practice since 1987.  In conjunction with owning a clinic and running a household, they have owned rental property and investment property since 1988.

Since 1999, they have been involved with what they believe to be one of the absolute best investment opportunities available; purchasing tax liens at government auctions.  Forming Quest Property Associates (QPA) was their answer to a secure retirement portfolio and financial future.

 QPA is built upon three primary principles: honesty, integrity, and customer service.

Honesty:  When you purchase a government-issued tax lien certificate you are guaranteed one of two things: to receive your principal back plus interest of 8% to 25% depending on the state law, or if the owner fails to pay their taxes, you can receive the tax deed to the property for pennies on the dollar.        

Integrity: The safety of a tax lien is second to none. A tax lien is levied against real property and is secured by that property.  Remember, government tax liens are the ultimate investment when safety is of concern because your tax liens are sold directly by the government and secured by real property.

Customer Service
: Our experienced staff works on your behalf. We are your individual contracted purchasing agent for investing in tax liens.  We provide the knowledge, research, and travel in order for you to invest your portfolio in tax liens all over the country.  We have established relationships with government employees, attorneys, real estate agents, and appraisers in the counties and states that we purchase tax liens from on your behalf.

Our goal at QPA is to share with you the financial security we’ve found through tax lien investments. Email us today at